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Birth & Breastfeeding Education with Lisa

Breastfeeding The Thompson Method

Discharged from hospital with painful complications and challenges, many women find that they must end their breastfeeding journey before they are ready. Founded by Dr Robyn Thompson – a midwife with 50 years of experience – The Thompson Method offers an alternative to these traditional and often forceful techniques, with a gentler, more natural, evidence-based approach. By providing both pregnant women and those already breastfeeding with the knowledge and non-judgemental support of experts, The Thompson Method helps prevent or overcome common breastfeeding complications and puts you back in control of your own birth plan and breastfeeding experience.

As a certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Practitioner, I can help you discover a gentle, natural approach to breastfeeding that will help prevent common complications such as nipple trauma – and help you breastfeed, pain-free, for as long as you choose.

Via group or one-to-one classes – either in-person or online – you’ll learn all you need to know to prepare for your personal birth and breastfeeding journey, according to your own natural instincts.