Graham and John speak with two representatives of the AFA on the FOI Revelations-Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

Today on Club Grubbery.Following our revelation about a risk assessment that was deliberately hidden from firefighters in Victoria, we bring on two of the directors of the Australian Fire Fighting Alliance.Qld Director Dan McDonald and Victorian Director Josh Hawkes.As we unpack an awkward truth, we find more purpose in pursuing truth in the interest of keeping our country free. We also look at lukewarm media’s attempt to play two bobs each way and how damaging it can be.This is part one of a two-hour interview that needs to be seen in its entirety because….you just couldn’t make this stuff up.8:32 and God Bless.Show more Hoody and Johnny.

Part 2

Our final part 2 of “Firies In The Breach.” is a must to share.

It was a tough and emotional interview for us all and more evidence that we must never give up the fight.

This is all a waste of time if it is not shared so please help us to get it out there.

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