Graham and John speak with Professor Robyn Cosford…

Tonight on Club Grubbery.

Prof. Robyn Cosford on great initiatives to wake up a sleeping planet.

You just couldn’t make this stuff up.
God Bless.

Johnny and Hoody

Some of you may have heard of the Geneva Project, an exciting initiative created and driven by The Inspired Network, and happening in Geneva (Switzerland) next week. See this link for more info –

Please consider sharing the link below along with the tiles attached. Collectively we represent 1.73 million people…we should easily be able to raise a few thousand dollars which will make a massive difference to Robyn, and in turn give us a seat at the table on 31 May at the Summit.

While we can’t attend in person (is anyone planning on going??), this is a wonderful initiative to support from afar and we hope to have a live stream link available for anyone who wishes to watch 31 May/1 June unfold. There will be a Summit on Friday 31 May, followed by a rally and march on Saturday 1 June in Place de Nations (where UN HQ can be found). Flyer attached.

George Christensen will be attending the rally and march on behalf of Citizen Go, and the indefatigable Prof Robyn Cosford (Chair of CHD Australia) has informed us she will be “honoured” to represent the ACA at the Inspired Global Leadership Summit. The Summit attendance is by invitation only, and 35 carefully selected people will gather to discuss “what to do after the WHO”. What happens after we have succeeded in extracting ourselves from the clutches of the WHO? This is spectacular news and a wonderful opportunity for ACA to have a presence at the Summit. We are indeed indebted to Robyn!

For those who attended the ACA meeting on Tuesday you will know that we discussed the possibility of supporting Robyn financially. We are still finalising accounts and establishing just how much we can support Robyn with. In the meantime, Cloi has created a Buy Me a Coffee. All proceeds of this will go to CHD Australia and contribute to paying or reimbursing invoices/receipts provided by Robyn on her return.

Professor Robyn Cosford
Chair, Children’s health Defense.
Will be representing Australia at The Geneva Project as Chair of CHD Australia, Ambassador for AMPS, Ambassador for ACA. My website with past lectures, resources.
Healthy 100: a self help health programme – the Wheel of Life.

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